Sarah Geronimo nominated in 2013 World Music Awards: How to Vote

Sarah Geronimo was nominated in the 2013 World Music Awards, which honors the best-selling recording artists from around the globe.

The PopStar Princess goes head-to-head with Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Justin Bieber among others in the three categories where she’s nominated: “World’s Best Female Artist,” “World’s Best Live Act” and “World’s Best Entertainer of the Year.”

World Music Awards 2013 logo
World Music Awards 2013
The World Music Awards website posted that “the world's best-selling recording-artists in each category are determined by a thorough enquiry conducted by the organization which includes sales figures and record certifications in 2012.”

The site states further, “There is no jury involved and the Awards truly reflect the most popular artists as they are determined by the actual fans who vote and buy the records. The national member groups of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) provide the organization with the names of the best-selling artists from the major territories.”

How to vote for Sarah Geronimo in the 2013 World Music Awards?

No registration is required. Just click her photo on the landing pages of the following links:
A fan vote will only be counted once per category.