Pope Francis Has One Lung

Pope Francis has one lung, one thing the new pope pioneers besides being the first pontiff to be named Francis and the first pope from South America.

A medical expert told the Associated Press that Pope Francis had his respiratory organ removed when he was a teenager, presumably after battling an infection, reports Yahoo! News.

“It was probably a pretty bad infection, and maybe even an abscess, that might have caused him to bleed,” Dr. John Belperio, association professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California in Los Angeles reportedly said. “If he were bleeding a lot in the lung, the only thing to do is to resect the lung, take it out, to stop the bleeding.”

Unlike today, lung diseases during the new pope’s teenage years were probably untreatable due to the absence of effective antibiotics and the only way to stop the infection from spreading, specially if his lung was bleeding, was to remove it.

The new pope, experts believe, may also have suffered an inborn respiratory defect that affected the lung tissue, the report stated.

Having one lung, however, is not a hindrance for Pope Francis to lead the Catholic Church, and guide as well as inspire people from around the world and strengthen their faith.

The new pope is 76 years old, a clear manifestation that he lives a healthy life even with a single lung.