LeBron James upset: Miami Heat forward frustrated after losing to Chicago Bulls

Lebron James is upset. The Miami Heat forward is frustrated about hard fouls committed against him by players of the Chicago Bulls which ended his team’s 27-game winning streak Wednesday night.

James believes the Bulls went too far on getting physical on him. He thinks flagrant fouls should have been called in two specific plays involving Kirk Hinrich in the opening quarter and Taj Gibson in the final period.

“I’m not sitting here crying about anything,” James told reporters in his locker room. “I play the game at a high level, I play with a lot of aggression, I understand that some of the plays are on the borderline of a basketball play or not. But sometimes, you know, I don’t know...it’s frustrating.”

Fans of the sport said it was normal for the basketball star to get upset and heartbroken after Miami suffered a defeat from Chicago, 101-97. His team enjoyed a winning streak, which was the second longest in NBA history, prior to their loss.