Creepy photo of Kristel Tejada, UP Manila student who committed suicide

A photo of Kristel Tejada, the 16-year-old UP Manila student who committed suicide over tuition issues, has circulated online. Only a few netizens noticed that her picture is somehow “creepy.”

On Tejada’s photo, which is apparently self-taken due to the position of her right arm, a small head of an unidentified female appears in the background.

Her eyes staring deeply at the suicide victim cause goose bumps.

kristel tejada up manila student commits suicide
Kristel Tejada
Tejada, a poor first year Behavioral Science student, took her own life a few days after she was forced to file a Leave of Absence (LoA) due to her inability to pay tuition fees.

Her school, the University of the Philippines - Manila, a state-run higher education institution, has drawn heavy criticism for its “No Late Payment” policy.

UP Manila gave the following explanation in an official statement:

“Based on information gathered from her teachers and the Office of Student Affairs, Ms. Tejada was having deeply-rooted family and financial problems. She applied for a student loan during the first semester. She was given extension to pay the loan on November 30, 2012. This was further extended to December 2012 in consideration of her family’s financial situation.

In late January 2013, Christopher Tejada, Kristel’s father, requested for his daughter to be enrolled and to apply for another loan. Since it was already mid-semester, the request for enrollment was not granted.

UP Manila officials would like to clarify that for students who are not officially enrolled in the current semester, they are considered on AWOL unless they file for a leave of absence.”