Fired for premarital sex, Teri James sues former employer

Teri James claims she was fired by her former employer, the San Diego Christian College in California, for allegedly engaging in premarital sex. She also felt insulted that the school offered the job to her ex-fiance.

James told NBC’s “Today” that she signed a contract agreeing not to engage in “sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex” weeks before she got pregnant.

In a phone interview, James reportedly said she felt humiliated after she was called to the office of the supervisor who asked about her pregnancy. Following a confession, James lost her job.

“I had to leave right after the meeting...I had to go into the office with all of my co-workers and say I’m leaving,” she said. “I never came back so I don’t know what my co-workers thought, but for me, it was humiliating...I felt like I was in trouble.”

The institution attempted to hire her former fiance, whom she eventually married, despite knowing well the intimacy of their relationship. Her man refused to accept the job.

In a recent press conference, James cried foul over the purported unfair treatment, saying “I was unmarried, pregnant and they took away my livelihood.”

James, who is currently six-and-a-half months pregnant, enlisted the service of high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred.

The lawsuit, which alleges “discrimination on account of gender, pregnancy and marital status,” was filed at the San Diego County superior court. Reports said the college has not responded to it.