Erik Spoelstra dating ex-Miami Heat dancer

Erik Spoelstra is dating a former Miami Heat dancer. The 42-year-old Filipino-American coach has made his relationship with a much younger lady, 24-year-old Nikki Sapp, public.

Coach Spo and Nikki Sapp
Coach Spo and Nikki Sapp (Photo by Mike Jachles)
According to Gossip Extra, Coach Spo attended a fundraising event for Lauren’s Kids, a group working against sexual abuse of children, with Nikki, who started dancing at Heat games in 2006.

She is now a director at the famous Guy Hepner art gallery in West Hollywood, California.

Nikki is also a clothing designer with Forever Miss Nik as her label.

It was the first time Coach Spo and Nikki appeared together in public, but reports say they’ve been dating for two years.