Bikram sex scandal: Yoga master accused of sexual harrassment, discrimination

The latest sex scandal issue involves Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, who allegedly asked female students to brush his hair, give him massages, and even have sex with him.

Choudhury has reportedly been accused by former Yoga student Sarah Baughn of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Los Angeles Superior Court documents show Baughn’s claim that the 67-year-old pursued her for years and ruined her career as a Bikram yoga teacher when she refused to have sex with him, according to The Christian Post.

A New York Post report tells us that Choudhury also allegedly told Baughn how much he hated his wife to earn sympathy and have her engaged in an intimate relationship with him.

“My wife is such a b****, you have no idea. She is terrible to me. She is so mean. You have to save me,” the Bikram Yoga founder purportedly said.

Baughn reportedly said she refused Choudhury’s sexual advances and avoided him, but he pursued his interest. Her rejections, the report said, were met with injustice.

Baughn claims Choudhury rigged a yoga competition in 2008 to ensure that she doesn’t win. The winner, she alleges, was sharing the yoga master’s hotel room that time.