1,000 Flights Canceled In Chicago

Over 1,000 flights have been canceled at airports in Chicago as the snowstorm moving through the Midwest gains strength.

O'Hare Int'l Airport covered with snow
O'Hare Int'l Airport (Screenshot from Parijatonline/YouTube)
The Chicago Tribune reports that hundreds of schools declared suspension of classes due to the winter storm which is expected to dump as much as 10 inches of snow in the area.

Airlines at O’Hare International Airport, which is among the busiest airports in the United States, have reportedly canceled at least 900 flights.

Midway Airport also canceled 230 flights and Southwest Airlines did the same to all of its flights between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., the report said.

According to sources, airlines do cancel flights proactively during massive storms as a precautionary measure.