Robin the Boy Wonder killed in 'Batman Incorporated'

Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman’s sidekick, will be killed while battling a brutal enemy in a new comic book out Wednesday.

The New York Post reports that Robin’s shocking death will come in issue number 8 of “Batman Incorporated.”

robin killed in batman incorporated
DC Comics' Batman Incorporated
The Robin in this series is Damian Wayne, the 10-year-old illegitimate son of Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, with Talia, daughter of one of his deadliest foes, Ra’s al Ghul.

Robin, a brat-turned-hero, is slain by a “brother” cloned from his genetic material, the report said.

According to the Post, this is going to be the first time that the Dark Knight will arrive too late to save his protégé.

Apparently, killing Robin in this edition is ‘intentional’ as Batman is set to join forces with a new partner in an upcoming series, who is none other than the Man of Steel, Superman.