PRC: No more deadlines set for all June 2006 NLE retakers

The deadlines previously set for all those who will retake the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) have been cancelled, the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing announced Tuesday.

The BoN made the announcement with the issuance of Nursing Board Resolution No.1 dated January 9, 2013 which amends Resolution No.13 series of 2011 (extending the voluntary retake of all five (5) subjects by the June 2006 NLE passers).

Citing jurisprudence on the so-called “retakers” due to the June 2006 nursing leakage, the BoN said that there should be no limit to the examinees’ prerogatives and privileges to avail themselves of the beneficence of R.A. No.9173, which allows examinees who failed in the NLE to retake the examination.

All June 2006 retakers, the BoN said, are required to observe prescribed PRC application procedures and the following conditions:
  • June 2006 passers who have not yet availed themselves of the “retake” can apply for voluntary retake;
  • June 2006 “retakers” of NP3 and NP5 as well as June 2006 “retakers” of the entire examination who failed in the previous examination shall be allowed to take the entire NLE anew as “repeaters”;
  • They should have no pending legal case;
  • They shall submit a waiver of their former ratings from the June 2006 examination and surrender their Professional Identification Cards and Board Certificates (if already issued to them);
  • They shall resign from their present jobs if they are employed as nurses;
  • They shall submit their appropriate notices of admission (NOA), original and photocopies of their Transcript of Records and Certificates of Live Birth in NSO security paper; and
  • They shall pay the examination fee prescribed by the Professional Regulation Commission.