Google Glass available by year-end?

This is something tech-savvy people can look forward to. Rumor has it that Google Glass will be available before 2013 ends, probably during the holiday season.

For those who haven’t heard about it, Google Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD) that provides information in a smartphone-like format, and can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. In short, it’s a wearable computer.

Google Glass testing started in April 2012 and has been demoed several times. Since then, there were reports that the product will be commercially available in the United States “around the cost of current smartphones” by the end of last year. It didn’t happen.

On February 22, The Verge reported that Google is planning to make Glass available to consumers this year for a price of not more than $1,500.

“We finally have official word from Google that it is aiming to release a ‘fully-polished’ version of the wearable headset to consumers by the end of this year,” the website posted. “The company has also informed us that Google Glass will cost ‘less than $1,500’ when it goes on sale.”

The report said it’s the first time that the tech giant provided specific information regarding the release of the highly-anticipated product.

Based on the testimonials by selected personalities who were able to wear it, Glass is an awesome eyewear or computer, whatever we call it, specially that it works with Android devices and the iPhone as officially confirmed.

Will you buy one once it’s released?