Facebook After Death: What Happens To Your Account When You Die?

A U.S. lawmaker has introduced a bill that will allow the executor of an estate control over the Facebook account of a deceased person. State representative Peter Sullivan was given by the New Hampshire House of Representatives the green light to get the Facebook after death legislation going.


This report tells us that the proposed measure would give an estate executor access to an individual’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter and others including Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Sullivan reportedly said in an interview that once the bill becomes a law, it will prevent cyberbullying from happening on one’s social profile, among other issues.

“This would give the families a sense of closure, a sense of peace. It would help prevent this form of bullying that continues even after someone dies and nobody is really harmed by it,” the solon told WMUR.

Currently, Facebook can be notified through a Memorialization Request if a user has been deceased. Once an account is memorialized, only confirmed friends can view the deceased user’s timeline so they can leave posts in remembrance.

The social network’s Terms of Service says, however, that issuance of a dead person’s login and password information to family members, so they can remove bad comments or delete the entire profile, is not allowed. A family member needs to contact Facebook to take the whole page down.