Dog shoots owner in leg

The dog shoots owner news is odd but true. The Sun reports a Florida man was accidentally shot by his own dog in the leg while driving.

The 35-year-old pet owner, Gregory Dale Lanier, “heard a boom, saw smoke and felt a burning in his leg,” police reportedly said.

The victim, who reported the incident to police on February 23, did not sustain any serious injuries. It was not known how the dog was able to pull the trigger and blasted him.

Authorities in Sebring, Florida told media that the animal, which is supposed to be “man’s best friend,” was not detained nor arrested while investigation is underway.

The dog shoots owner incident is not new. In December 2011, Gun Dog Magazine published a report about a Utah duck hunter who was shot by his dog.

The man forgot to unload his 12-gauge shotgun and when the dog stepped on it, 27 pellets were dispersed and hit the victim’s buttocks.