SC Releases 2013 Bar Exam Syllabus

The Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the syllabus for the 2013 Bar Examinations, copies of which can be downloaded from here or the High Tribunal’s official website.

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Labor Law and Social Legislation

Law on Taxation

Legal and Judicial Ethics

Mercantile Law

Politicial and Internatinal Law

Remedial Law

The “listing of covered topics is not intended and should not be used by the law schools as a course outline,” the SC clarified. “This was drawn up for the limited purpose of ensuring that Bar candidates are guided on the coverage of the 2013 Bar Examinations.”

“Note also that many special laws, rules or specific topics, otherwise covered by the different examinable Bar Subjects, have been omitted or are expressly excluded from the coverage of the 2013 Bar Examinations,” the High Court stated.