$200 to quit Facebook deal signed by dad, daughter

Rachel Baier, a 14-year-old honor student who got hooked on social networking for two years, has offered her father, Paul, an interesting deal - to quit Facebook for five months for $200.

The Slideshow via Yahoo! News reports that the young negotiator successfully convinced her dad to grab the deal. To seal it, both parties agreed to sign a contract of agreement.

Rachel pockets $50 if she’ll not use Facebook until mid-April, $150 more if she resists the social networking site until June 26. Once the contract expires, she intends to spend the money to buy “stuff.”

The instrument stipulates that Rachel is obliged to give her dad access to her Facebook account to change her password and deactivate it. “This will prevent me from reactivating the account in the future,” the teenager wrote.

facebook contract

Meanwhile, Paul revealed everything was his daughter’s idea since she wanted to earn money while no one is asking her to babysit.