WiFi Internet Speed Test Result: Marco Polo Hotel Davao

Checked in at Marco Polo, one of the best hotels in Davao, just to find out how things are going and, of course, to measure how fast their internet speed is.

A room that costs P6,500 is inclusive of breakfast, free usage of selected amenities including the pool and internet access good for one day. You can choose to stay either in ‘smoking’ and ‘non-smoking room’.

coolbuster at marco polo

Upon check-in, the front desk personnel gave me a PLDT Broadband Internet Voucher containing a username and password for the WiFi. It says the duration of free internet access is 1,440 minutes (24 hours).

Internet speeds at Marco Polo are typical: 1.53 megabytes per second for downloads and 1.49 Mbps for uploads.

marco polo hotel speed test result

Marco Polo Davao is truly an excellent hotel. Their WiFi internet speed is just fine for browsing, emailing and facebooking. My rating? I give them 5 out of 5 stars.