WiFi Internet Speed Test Result: Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant, Davao City

I wanted to relax, unwind and at the same time get close to nature during the weekend. The best place to be? Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant located at Matina Shrine Hills in the city of Davao.

jack's ridge resort

For P950 per day, plus a P300 security deposit (refundable upon check out), you get to enjoy a fully air-conditioned room with matrimonial bed, cable TV, mini-refrigerator, comfort room, landline phone, and veranda.

The ambience is great. When you wake up in the morning you can hear birds singing and there’s plenty of greeneries —trees, plants and flowers— around your cottage.

No question on the quality of food and drinks they serve, they’re superb. In the evening, you’ll enjoy to view the landscape of the city with lights.

One thing I don’t like is that you can’t order food for early breakfast at the main restaurant. No one’s manning the counter to take orders. What I did was call the security guard and asked him to connect the call to the coffee shop which opens at 8am.

Anyways, I think the resort doesn’t have WiFi so I just used the SmartBro Pocket WiFi I brought along for this internet speed test. If you’re in Jack’s Ridge, you’ll get the average speeds of 1.06 Mpbs for downloads and .16 Mpbs for uploads. I think there’s a Smart cellsite nearby so signal is not a problem.

Jack's Ridge internet speed test result

SpeedTest.net says the connection is 55 percent faster than most in PH. I can’t tell if this is accurate though.

My rating for Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant in Davao City is 4 out of 5 stars.