Taylor Swift splits with Harry Styles

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles have called it quits. Reports say the two performers broke up in the middle of their holiday trip.

An unnamed source has confirmed to MailOnline that the 23-year-old Swift and the 18-year-old Styles ended their month-long relationship recently.

The singers greeted the New Year with a public display of affection, kissing each other at Times Square as the clock struck twelve, then flew to the British Virgin Islands. The source reportedly said they had a lovers’ quarrel while on vacation.

Swift returned to the US on January 4, while Styles went home on his own three days after.

The former couple went public in December and split after a month. Such a whirlwind romance. Some fans expect Taylor’s going to write a song for Harry, possibly titled “Wrong Direction” or “Opposite Direction.”