Facebook Unveils 'Graph Search' Tool

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search, a new search tool which, online sources say, is being developed by the social networking site for more than a year now.

Graph Search allows you to search and discover more information about your friends on Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search

The new tool enables you to search for anything shared with you on the site and others can also find what you have shared with them including photos, places, and content you like.

It likewise allows you to find anything across your connections’ Timelines without having to browse and search in individual pages, which makes it more user-friendly.

Here’s a video:

Facebook says Graph Search is currently available for a limited number of users in the U.S., but if you’d like to try the beta when it’s available in your area, join the waiting list at facebook.com/graphsearch.

With Facebook creating a personalized search engine, should Google be worried?