Winners of Coolbuster's P10K New Year Giveaway

Almost three dozens of entries have been submitted and more than a thousand people liked and shared them on Facebook. It’s now time to reveal the winners of our P10,000 giveaway to start 2013 with a bang!

Congratulations to Bonj Cortez Julia and Princess Marivie! You won P5,000 cash each!!!

Bonj’s answer to our question: “What will you do to improve your family’s quality of life beginning 2013?” was:

Quality of life is a person's state of overall well-being, that includes every aspect.

First of all, we must always keep our faith in GOD before anything else. He should be our family's source of strength and inspiration to live. Always go to church together, Pray and offer everything unto God and give back what is due for Him. We should not always expect to receive we must also repay and learn to give.

Keep close family ties, Know each member's role and purpose in the family, always find time to talk with each other and stay close. Our family is the greatest source of joy, amazing memories, and a lifetime of physical and emotional pleasures, we must treasure every moment with them.

Be HAPPY and contented with what you presently have. We should learn to appreciate and be delightful of what we have no matter how small or awful it is, we must always be thankful for it. But, it doesn't mean we leave our aims and goals in life behind. Nothing's wrong in being passionate in attaining a dream or aspiration in life.

Stay HEALTHY through out the year. Eliminate health threats in the family. Have a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, maintain a stress free environment within our home.

Princess Marivie, meanwhile, posted:

This question is not just about financial need of the family. It is more about how will our family improved in all aspects. Quality of life for me is based on how my family deal with everyday life full of joy and happiness. We have to improved family’s beliefs spiritually, put God in the center of our family! We all know that with God all things our possible. If we do this, all things will goes well. Emotionally? Happiness is the number one factor to improved family’s relationship to one another, great bonding, communication, understanding, acceptance and respect are the factors of having a happy family! In this days, money matters, yes, but with God in the center of my family, He will provide it all with our hard works and effort to meet everyday’s need! Happy New Year everyone!

You have the best answers which are obviously the reason why your entries got the most Facebook likes.

Congratulations! Both of you deserve the prize! We will send you a private message on Facebook containing the details on how to claim it.

Thanks to everyone who joined. Have a happy and blessed new year!