Marquez knocks Pacquiao out, wins via TKO

Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico landed a very strong shot right in the chin of Manny Pacquiao, knocking the Filipino champ out, to win their fourth face-off at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, December 8.

Marquez had a wonderful night and showed he was the better, stronger fighter. He won the match via Technical Knock Out (TKO).

For Marquez, the win was definitive because there was a knock out. The Mexican champ said in the post-fight interview he’s going to celebrate the victory with his family.

At the start, it was a close fight. Pacquiao got knocked down for the first time in the third round, but he retaliated in the fifth.

Marquez, however, had a good look and crushed Pacquiao only six seconds left in the sixth round.

The eight-division champ was down face to the canvass for sometime. He appeared unconscious and was motionless while Marquez was celebrating at the other side of the ring.

Good for Pacquiao it was a non-title bout for him and he wasn’t carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

During pre-fight interviews, Pacquiao did not fail to mention that he felt relaxed. That could be one of the factors he got beaten by Marquez.

Before the fight started, Pacquiao prayed at the corner, but unlike the good times, he wasn’t wearing a rosary same as when he lost to Timothy Bradley.