Twinkies may survive Hostess sale

A first cousin from California said she’s worried her kids will feel bad that their favorite snack food will soon disappear from grocery store shelves.

The family has made Twinkies, the tasty cream-filled golden spongecakes baked by Hostess Brands Inc., part of their shopping routine for years now.


Reports said Hostess had asked a New York bankruptcy court permission to sell its assets and go out of business due to several factors including debt as well as management and labor cost issues.

Business experts and finance analysts believe, however, that other snack makers would be interested to acquire Twinkies which, according to reports, recorded a revenue of close to US $70 million so far this year.

Hostess reportedly said likely suitors have called in to inquire about getting a deal on individual brands. Besides Twinkies, the company also makes Wonder Bread, Ding Dong and Ho Ho’s.

With this development, my cousin and her children, and other loyal consumers out there should not be worried about Twinkies. It will likely continue to exist.