Monique Wilson Admits She’s Gay

Movie and theater actress Monique Wilson has admitted that she is a gay woman. She revealed her true sexual status Friday, November 23.

Monique’s admission happened during the press conference of One Billion Rising Philippines, a global campaign to end violence against women.

monique wilson lesbian

The singer-actress said she’s thankful that some people already knew but kept her real sexual preference a private matter.

“For all these years, I thank so many people especially the press who respects me for what I am,” Monique said. “I know that many of you know who I am, but the respect you gave is so overwhelming...I know that is something that I should be proud of.”

Monique said she’s proud of being a lesbian. “Being a gay woman is something that I should be proud of being.”

The former Miss Saigon lead star also explained why she’s coming out only now.

“Ngayon ko lang inamin publicly kasi nga ilang taon na ba ako? May kinakatakutan pa ba ako ngayon? This is the right time, I think, that I have to be public about it para matapos na ang mga speculations,” she added.

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