Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: Watch It Online

Stargazers prepare for a visual treat. The Leonid meteor shower, one of the most prolific annual meteor displays, is expected to reach its peak this weekend.

In an earlier press release, state weather bureau PAGASA said the meteor shower is viewable over a period of about two days, centered on approximately the early morning hours of November 18, in the eastern section of the sky.

Experts predict that a zenithal hourly rate of about 10 meteors will occur in the late hours of Saturday, November 17, until dawn of Sunday. There are other reports, however, that a ZHR of 15 to 25 meteors might be seen this year, still lesser compared to the previous years where it produced hundreds of meteors.

PAGASA added that the Leonid meteor shower occurs yearly in the month of November as the Earth passes through bits of debris left behind by the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

In case you will not be able to view this spectacle due to bad weather conditions, NASA has provided a live streaming video so people can watch it online.

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