China stealth fighter in test flight (Video)

China’s second stealth fighter called the “Falcon Eagle,” designated as J-31, made its first appearance and maiden flight over the Shenyang Aircraft Company airfield.

Citing an eyewitness, state media reports the new stealth jet flew for more than ten minutes in the morning of Wednesday, October 31, in the northeast province of Liaoning.

Based on photos and videos proud Chinese bloggers uploaded online, the twin-engine J-31 appears to be smaller than the J-20 which was unveiled in early 2011.

“The J-31 appears to be more mobile than the J-20, with its landing gear suggesting it is designed to be launched from an aircraft carrier,” military expert Andrei Chang told Agence France Presse.

“In terms of design it appears the J-31 is inferior to the latest US planes,” Chang reportedly said. “The layout is similar, but the material and quality are inferior.”

On the other hand, security expert Sam Roggeveen of the Lowy Institute in Sydney told Reuters the new jet fighter puts China ahead of all its neighbors in Asia in terms of military power.