#AMALAYER becomes Twitter trending topic: Here's why

The Twitter hashtag #AMALAYER has become a trending topic nationwide as netizens expressed outrage after a “rude passenger” made a scene at an LRT station.

The woman, identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa, apparently humiliated a lady security guard after getting admonished for using the wrong entrance.

In the video—which has gone viral since Wednesday morning—the angry passenger was heard as saying “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar” which sounded like “amalayer? amalayer? amalayer.”

Salvosa, who happens to be active on social networking site Twitter, had her own reason why she flared up. The 23-year-old MassCom student tweeted that she only wanted to teach the security guard “a lesson”.

The incident is now a subject of an investigation. She already had spoken about the issue.

Here are relevant tweets that mention the hashtag that became a buzzword among netizens because of the so-called “LRT scandal.”