How to register, verify official DepEd email account

Permanent (regular) employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) are now required to get an official email account. Here’s how to register and verify.

DepEd explains that the system was established to “strengthen the sense of identity among Department of Education employees, acting in their capacity as employees, educators, and representatives of the agency.”

With this feature, DepEd aims to “facilitate a collaborative culture among our teachers and employees with the digital infrastructure” and to “ensure an environment where information can be communicated safely and easily.”

Here are the steps to register, verify and access your official DepEd account:
  • Head over to
  • Fill in the form with accurate information of your Tax Identification Number (TIN); First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name (Suffix, optional); and Date of Birth.
  • After successful registration, you will be automatically redirected to the Login page.

deped email account registration

According to DepEd, the site works well with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers.

If you’ve already registered but your account needs verification, DepEd says a verification officer will contact you via the email address and/or contact number you provided in the registration form. The officer will give you your account details upon approval.

More frequently asked questions (FAQ) have been answered here.