Best Way to Make Money from Home

There’s plenty of ways to make money. Nothing beats if you do it at home though. You get to work at your own time, earn more, and at the same time attend to your family’s needs.

I have always encouraged the out-of-school youth, the jobless, and those who have work but are underpaid to try blogging — the best way to earn money from home.


In blogging, you don’t really need to be fluent in English. Basic communication and writing skills will do. You just have to be resourceful, meticulous, consistent and patient.

The best online resources are available, trending topics are all over social networking sites, and millions of interesting stories are published in the internet every day. Just pick two to four of them, put your own thoughts and words in your blog and that’s it.

In every blog post you have three to five paragraphs with simplified, but complete and grammatically correct sentences. That’s where being meticulous applies. Proofread your blog post at least thrice in order to find errors and do the necessary corrections.

Consistency is a blogging essential. Before you start, it’s a must that you think about what topic to write about and how many times do you intend to post on a daily basis. Doing so will enable you to (1) manage your time for work and family, and (2) avoid stress.

Success in blogging cannot be achieved overnight. Experts say you need to have at least twenty quality posts before you get qualified in Google AdSense program and start earning from home.

My advise is for beginners to create quality content for at least a month before applying for an AdSense account. Within the period, you also need to create social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites in order to promote your blog, get followers, and drive traffic to your blog.

Once your blog is established and ads are already running, you will start to make money online.

If you’re resourceful, meticulous, consistent and patient, you will be able to earn a five-digit or even a six-digit income, on a monthly basis, without leaving your home.