Are the Azkals better without the Younghusbands?

The Philippine national football team, more popularly known as the Azkals, swept the recently concluded 2012 Philippine Peace Cup and became the tourney’s champion.

The Azkals won all three of their matches to give the country its first international title in 99 years. The Philippines last won an international tournament in 1913 during the Far Eastern Games.

The Azkals were able to bag the crown sans the Younghusband brothers Phil and James, who were dropped from the line-up reportedly due to contract issues.

Without them, more players of the national team stood out and the spotlight was not focused to only a few.

In a press conference Saturday, Azkals head coach Michael Weiss praised the current roster, describing it as a “fresh” and “hungry” team, and said they have no more players who “think they have achieved something but haven’t.”

In an interview with GMA News TV, the German coach said the Azkals now is a “nice and very interesting team that has been working as a unit” and “not depending on individual skills as in the past.”

We’ve embedded the video of the full interview on ‘News To Go’.

Do you agree with Weiss?

He has a point, which leads us to this question: “Are the Azkals better without Phil and James Younghusband?”