Top 10 Hottest Newswomen 2012 - released Tuesday its list of the Top 10 Hottest Newswomen of 2012 who, as the site puts it, “fire up the TV screen with their wit, grace, and beauty.”

As listed by entertainment and lifestyle website, the following are this year’s hottest female broadcast journalists:

Drum roll...

1. Zen Hernandez (ABS-CBN)

2. Apples Jalandoni (ABS-CBN)

3. Grace Lee (TV5)

4. Lexi Schulze (ABS-CBN/ANC)

5. Maviel Gonzales (GMA)

6. Gigi Grande (ABS-CBN/ANC)

7. Marieton Pacheco (ABS-CBN/TFC)

8. Bettina Magsaysay (ABS-CBN)

9. Paola Palma (Solar)

10. Mariz Umali (GMA/News TV)