How to use Multiply export tool

In its objective to become “Southeast Asia’s most loved online shopping marketplace,” Multiply had shutdown its social networking and blogging services to shift its focus on e-Commerce.

As an effect of the transition, Multiply’s social network features (blog, video, photo, etc) will no longer work. However, the company rolled out some tools to help users preserve content or migrate it to another platform.

The export tools, available underneath the headshot in your Multiply site, enables you to download your content to your computer and export your blogs to Blogger.

Here’s how to use the tools:
  1. Visit your Multiply page
  2. Click one of the options:
  • Download Media (to download all media files)
  • Export to Blogger (to transfer your blogs to Blogger)
    • Choose the file you would like to download
    • You will receive an email containing a link to download all your Multiply files along with instructions on how to import them to Blogger.
The tool will be available until December 1, according to Multiply. The company says they’re working on separate migration tools for Tumblr and Wordpress.