Fearless forecast: KZ wins X Factor Philippines

We apologize to the fans of other finalists for posting this, but we strongly believe KZ Tandingan will become the first X Factor Philippines winner.

In the past, we’ve supported and blogged about awesome performers including Jovit Baldivino, Marcelito Pomoy, and Angeline Quinto, even before they became singing champions, but this is the first time we’re making a fearless forecast.

kz tandingan

Why is KZ our bet? The reason is simple and obvious. Besides possesing an “x-factor,” KZ’s got what it takes to be a star.

She has excellent voice quality and diction, looks good in person and on cam, has on-stage showmanship and a ‘masa’ appeal. Not only that, KZ gives us goosebumps every time she sings, that same feeling we get when Jovit, Charice and American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez perform.

Being ‘marketable’ is something that makes KZ different from other contenders. We received info that she has a very interesting life story worthy to be featured on ABS-CBN’s longest-running drama anthology, “Maalaala Mo Kaya.” Check out her profile/background (and the comments below it) for hints.

One more thing before we wrap this up, KZ never landed in the Bottom 2 since the final phase of the competition started, a clear proof that XFP viewers vote for her to ensure victory.