Bucket list bandit gets arrested

The bucket list bandit, whose real identity is Michael Eugene Brewster of Pensacola, Florida, was arrested Thursday in Oklahoma.

He was caught after traffic police pulled him over for driving a car that was reported stolen. The FBI said the car’s license plates were fake.

According to this report, police arrested Brewster after finding enough evidence that would link him to several bank robberies in the past few months.

bucket list bandit

Authorities believe that the 54-year-old suspect stole money from banks in Colorado and in eight other states including Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, North Carolina, Utah, and Pennsylvania.

It was known how much total money Brewster took from the banks, but an AP report revealed that he got at least $4,080 as determined in the arrest warrant for his robbery case in Pennsylvania.

His monicker was reportedly born when Brewster at one time gave the bank teller a note stating that he only has four months to live.