ABS-CBN News "I Want It That Way" music video goes viral

ABS-CBN News has released a new music video featuring news anchors and correspondents lip-synching the Backstreet Boys hit song “I Want It That Way.”

The music video, which was shot and edited by Jeff Canoy and produced by Jenny Reyes and Chiara Zambrano, sends a clear message that “journalists like to have fun, too.”

There were times that synchronization with the music was a little bit off, but in general the video is fun to watch. In fact, it’s starting to go viral.

Check it out and see what happens at the newsroom “after the cameras stop rolling.”

For me, Jeff Canoy, Julius Babao, Karen Davila, Gretchen Fullido, Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez did great in the video.

Whose ‘performance’ did you like most?