Abe "Yugatech" Olandres named Nuffnang PH country manager

Philippine blogging icon Abe Olandres, more popularly known as Yuga, is the new country manager for Nuffnang Philippines.

“Today, we are very proud (and excited) to introduce the newest addition to our team...Mr. Abe Olandres of Yugatech & Yugadeals!,” the company announced Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

Abe is a blogger with a vast experience. He writes technology and gadgets-related articles in his blog as well as in various websites and publications for many years now.

We know that Abe will take the company into new heights much like the way he brought to the top a tech blog that consistently ranks as the country’s numero uno.

yugatech abe olandres

Now that he is the new CM, we hope Abe would listen to some suggestions which, we believe, will help improve Nuffnang, as follows:
  • Remove the “Ads by Nuffnang” and “We serve Nuffnang ads” badges or replace them with something smaller;
  • make the 300x250 and 468x60 ad sizes available;
  • allow third-party ads to be shown while Nuffnang advertisements are not served to let bloggers maximize ad space and earn more revenues;
  • and lower the threshold from P2,000 to P1,000 so that bloggers will be able to reap the fruit of their labor quickly. Foreign ad networks offer a $10 threshold (about P420), why can’t Nuffnang do it?
We hope Abe and his team will take the aforementioned into consideraton.

He is the perfect man for the job and we do appreciate Nuffnang’s decision to make him a CM.