Yahoo News Washington bureau chief gets fired for 'joke' on Romney

Yahoo News has fired its Washington bureau chief, David Chalian, for saying Mitt Romney was “happy to have a party with black people drowning.”

BBC reports that Chalian’s gaffe came as Yahoo News was preparing for its live coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, Tuesday night.

In the following YouTube video, the commentators can be heard discussing how tropical storm Isaac battered the US Gulf Coast.

While footage was showing Romney and his wife Ann, one voice was heard saying “They’re not concerned at all.”

Chalian reportedly said “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning” as people are heard laughing in the background.

He later apologized in his Facebook page for “making an inappropriate and thoughtless joke.”

Yahoo said the remark did not represent the company’s views and that it had issued an apology to the Romney campaign, according to BBC News.

A Yahoo spokeswoman also told the Associated Press that Chalian “has been terminated effective immediately,” the report said.

Video courtesy of YouTube/matthewsheffield1