#rescuePH 2012 helps flood victims, boosts rescue efforts

The hashtag #rescuePH is currently trending on Twitter. It’s a database where anyone can report or ask for help or rescue victims of massive floods in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon in the Philippines.

#RescuePH, which was created by Ros Juan, Tonyo Cruz and JP Loh using Google Docs, lets residents in flooded areas report the following:
  • Number of people in need of rescue;
  • Level of flood in area (knee, waist, shoulder, etc); and
  • Any info that might help rescuers.

Reporters will be required to fill up the #RescuePH form with details about:
  • Name(s) and address of person(s) in need of rescue;
  • Specific information about the flood victims (elderly, children, PWDs, special needs);
  • Reporter’s name or Twitter @username;
  • The Source (Tweet URL or FB status link).
Messages are not limited to pleas for help, #rescuePH also accepts and encourages situation updates from affected areas.

In case you’re looking for a loved one who is residing in flooded areas, there’s also a person finder which you can access here.