BoN quarantine indicates NLE results release is coming

Question: How dow we know if the release of Nurses Licensure Examinaton (NLE) results is near? Answer: When members of PRC’s Board of Nursing go on quarantine.

Meaning, the list of NLE passers is going to be released within a few days after the BoN quarantine.

In mid-August last year, BoN member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas revealed on his Facebook page that the quarantine has two phases: Partial and Full.

bon quarantine

According to Sto. Tomas, “partial quarantine” means individual members of the BoN are going on duty until 10 p.m. everyday to monitor and supervise the scoring of Nursing Board Exam answer sheets.

When all members of the BoN go on “full quarantine,” the release of the Nursing Board Exam Results follows a few days later.

Therefore, as long as Sto. Tomas is still able to post status updates and reply to inquiries on Facebook, there is no release yet.