Firefox 15 now available for download

Firefox 15, the latest version of the popular browser, has been released and is now available for download. Mozilla says Firefox now uses less memory for faster browsing.

“Firefox makes your Web experience faster by reducing memory usage when browsing with certain add-ons,” according to a post on the Mozilla blog. “The improvements make browsing smoother and more responsive.”

Firefox 15 also added features including a new JavaScript Debugger that’s essential in web application coding, as well as new gaming enhancements and support for compressed video textures.

If you’re already using Firefox, upgrade to the new version by going to Help > About Firefox and then Check for updates.

firefox 15

Mozilla also announced that the redesigned Firefox for Android for tablet devices is now available for download.

The company says this release has new enhancements that include a personalized start page and a streamlined look, a new Awesome Screen, Firefox Sync, support for Flash for Honeycomb tablet devices, new HTML5 capabilities, and privacy and security features such as Do Not Track, Master Password, HTTP Strict Transport Security among others.