How to reduce photo memory size without affecting quality

Okay, let's go straight forward. I took a picture using a Canon camera and downloaded it in the computer. I found out that the memory size of the photo is almost 6 mb so it's quite large.

I wanted to reduce the memory size of the photo without affecting the quality and the physical size so I tried this solution and found out that it's effective.
  • First, download PhotoFiltre and install it.
  • Then open the photo file to edit.
  • Look for the Image menu tab and click it.
  • In the dropdown menu, click Image size... or press Control +H.

  • A new window will appear that shows the Width, Height and Resolution of the photo.

  • Now, change the value in the Width box with 800 up to 1024. The Height value will automatically follow according to ratio if the Preserve aspect ratio box is checked.
  • Change the Resolution to the minimum which is 10. Click Ok.
  • Save your work and close PhotoFiltre.

The next time you click the Properties of the photo, you will notice a very big reduction on the memory size, from almost 6 mb to just 510 kB. There is slight reduction on the physical size but the quality is not affected as you can see in the screenshot.

There you go. I hope these tips will help. Now you can upload quality photos faster and without worry on the file size.