Cogie Domingo becomes a dad

Former matinee idol Cogie Domingo has become a father after his partner gave birth to a baby girl recently, TV5’s “Ang Latest” broke the news Saturday.

cogie domingo
In an interview with veteran talk show host and entertainment columnist Cristy Fermin via phonepatch, the actor revealed that they named her “Rhiana” for having been delivered during the onslaught of the monsoon rains in most parts of Luzon earlier this week.

Cogie said the baby will be nicknamed “Rain.”

Asked if there will be changes in his life and career now that he has a baby, the actor answered positively, saying he is “very inspired” and will strive harder for his angel.

To keep her life private, Cogie declined to mention the real name of his partner. He only hinted that the baby’s mom is his ‘childhood sweetheart’.