How to view Perseids meteor shower on August 11, 12, 13

August is one of the best times of the year to observe meteor showers. A day after full moon, we will be given a visual treat as a spectacle in the sky takes place.

State weather bureau PAGASA says the famous Perseids meteor shower, producing up to 60-100 bright, fast, and colorful meteors per hour, will be observed with its peak in the late evening and early morning hours on August 12-13, 2012.

In the Philippines, the meteor shower can be observed on August 11 starting at approximately an hour before the clock strikes 12 midnight until the predawn hours on the morning of August 12.

Around 15 bright and swift-moving meteors are expected to be seen every hour.

perseids meteor shower august 2012

According to PAGASA, the Perseids meteor shower radiate out from the constellation Perseus which is located in the eastern horizon during August. Therefore, you may stand at your observation spot and look approximately half way up the sky facing east to see the meteor shower.

The Perseids meteor shower is easiest to see if there is no moonlight and light pollution, and if the weather permits.