Aquino to tap students in anti-corruption campaign

President Benigno Aquino III will be tapping students in government’s anti-corruption campaign using an approach apparently patterned to ABS-CBN’s “Bayan Mo Ipatrol Mo.”

MalacaƱang revealed that the President will coordinate with schools and universities throughout the country for the objective.


In a dialogue with graduating students of PAREF Southridge at the Palace on Monday, Aquino said students could help government weed out individuals or groups who pose fictitious names and addresses to defraud the government of custom taxes and duties.

A common practice of smugglers, Aquino said, would be to use false names and addresses in their applications with the Bureau of Customs in order to evade arrest and mislead authorities.

“So the idea is, you all have cell phones, you take a picture of their address...we’re coordinating with certain schools, then we have proof right away if the consignee is fictitious and that they are a party to smuggling,” the President said.

Using a mobile phone with camera, a student can capture and send to a particular system a photo or video showing uncommon circumstances and/or suspicious activities in his area.

“Sometimes all you have to do is look at the construction if you go to your provinces or even your city. There’s a construction going on and you think its substandard, again your cell phones become very good pieces of investigative equipment,” he added.

Photo: On Blogging Well