San Beda College of Law releases official statement on the alleged hazing incident

San Beda College of Law released Tuesday night its official statement on the alleged hazing that led to the death of freshman law student Marc Andrei Marcos.

san beda college of law

It reads:

The San Beda College Community prayerfully joins the family of Marc Andre Marcos in commending him to the love of the heavenly Father and the peace of His Kingdom.

While students cannot be denied the right to associate, San Beda College does not approve or countenance membership in any clandestine organization, which employs as part of its ceremonies or other practices any act that results in injury, imprudence or coercion.

The administration has required every student, as a condition for enrolment, to sign an undertaking not to join fraternities, with a statement of the rule prohibiting membership in these organizations and an enumeration of the reasons for the prohibition.

Students are repeatedly reminded of the adverse effects of fraternities through conspicuous notices, students' handbook, and during freshmen orientation.

The school even made recruitment to these organizations an administrative offense. Unfortunately, recruiters abound, and their ways are viciously sly, evading detection.

Moreover, the enticement offered by the false promise of better opportunities for members of exclusive organizations in the legal profession is something we have to contend with.

It is not physically possible to monitor the activities of all students specially when they are out of campus, but we shall remain vigilant.

The College will form a panel of inquiry and those found responsible shall, with due process, be excluded from the school.