PhilHealth extends coverage to cancer, leukemia patients

Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) on Monday unveiled a “Z benefit” package to its members, the initial implementation (phase 1) of which covers standard risk acute lymphocytic (lymphoblastic) leukemia (ALL) in children, early stage breast cancer, low to intermediate prostate cancer and end stage renal disease requiring kidney transplant (low risk).


Reports said the package costs for the complete treatment of these cases are P210,000 for ALL, and P100,000 each for breast and prostate cancer.

The health insurer said the package includes payment for hospital services: hospital room and board fees, drugs and laboratory examinations, operating room and professional fees, and mandatory/other services required per case.

With “Z benefit,” patients under the DSWD-sponsored program and LGU-PhilHealth sponsored program can avail of the “No Balance Billing” policy while fixed co-pay (about 70-80% will be paid by PhilHealth) is applied to non-sponsored members.

The new package is being implemented pursuant to PhilHealth Board Resolution No. 1629 s. 2012 and PhilHealth Circular No. 0129 s. 2012, the “Governing Policies on PhilHealth Benefit Package for Case Type Z.”

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