Bourne Legacy video clips show scenes shot in Manila; extras speak Tagalog

The latest Bourne Legacy trailer video has been released Thursday, July 19, and new movie clips on YouTube show scenes shot in Manila.

Scenes from various locations in Manila are shown in the “Motorcycle Chase” clip.

In the clip released by American entertainment website IGN, titled “Rooftop Rescue,” Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) rescues Dr. Stephanie Snyder (Rachel Weisz) from Filipino cops. Some of the extras speak Tagalog.

Policeman chasing Aaron: “Sir ayun!”
Policeman: “Nandito! Nandito!”
Policeman ordering Aaron, Marta to stop: “Tumigil kayo! Tigil!”
Policeman: “Sa loob! Sa loob!”
Policeman upon seeing Aaron: “Eto sya! Ayan!”
Woman upon seeing Stephanie: “Mga kapitbahay! Pulis! Pulis!”
Gun-toting policeman blocking Stephanie’s way in alley exit: “Hinto! Huminto ka!”
Policeman: “Wag mo pakawalan yan bro! Magnanakaw yan.”

The latest official movie trailer of The Bourne Legacy (Trailer No. 3) can be viewed on YouTube.

In the film, Renner joins fellow series newcomers Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, while franchise veterans Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn reprise their roles.

Parts of the movie were shot in Metro Manila and Palawan in February 2012.

The Bourne Legacy is slated for an Asian premiere in the Philippines on August 5. The US release is set on August 10.

Videos: Universal Pictures/YouTube