Google now an ISP with Google Fiber offering ultrafast 1Gbps internet speed

Google has unveiled its ultra-fast Google Fiber service, which offers high-speed internet connectivity and television shows, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The tech and search giant’s broadband internet network infrastructure uses fiber-optics and offers around 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) access, making it 100 times faster than those of traditional cable and telecommunications companies in the US.

This report says Google Fiber’s ultra high-speed connections and TV offerings allow users to search live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand programming.

Google said there are several packages for users to choose.

The TV access plus Internet package is offered at $120 per month. It comes with 1 Gbps speeds for downloads and uploads, 1 terabyte of storage over Google Drive and a bonus hardware - a Nexus 7 tablet with the Google TV app. Subscribers must pay a $300 installation fee which can be waived with a 2 year contract.

The Internet Only package is available for $70 a month with a $300 installation fee which can be waived with a 1 year contract. It offers the same internet speed of 1 Gbps for both upload and download, and 1 terabyte of cloud storage.

Google reportedly intends to roll out business packages, but has yet to give details.

Google Fiber does give users the ability to record eight TV shows at a time and store up to 500 hours of high definition programming. A tablet or smartphone can be used as a voice-activated remote control.

It is said that Google Fiber would focus on becoming an alternative to Verizon’s FiOS and AT&T’s U-verse services among other major cable and telecoms companies.