Mommy Divine denies rumor that she told Gerald to stop courting Sarah G

Mommy Divine, Sarah Geronimo’s mom, has finally spoken about the rumor that she was the reason why Gerald Anderson stopped wooing her daughter.

In the July 29, 2012 episode of Sarah G Live!, Mommy Divine explained her side, saying she only and always thinks of what’s best for Sarah.

She revealed setting up strict rules for Gerald including a condition that the latter court her daughter by visiting her at home, not through texts or other means of communication.

The mother was about to divulge more details on the controversial issue, but the PopStar Princess seems to have prevented her from talking about it on live TV.

sarah g and mommy divine

In recent weeks, Mommy Divine’s critics alleged that she is an over protective mom. Her detractors say that, apparently, she took away from Sarah the right to fall in love.