2012 London Olympics opening ceremony video: Where to watch?

The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony has begun. Up to 1 billion people worldwide are expected to watch it on television along with 80,000 in the Olympic Stadium.

In the Philippines, viewers can watch the video of the coverage of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony through TV5 on free TV as well as Solar Sports and Aksyon TV on cable.

For a list of official broadcasters in other countries, you may check this page out.

This author was able to catch the live coverage beginning at the time when the Queen arrived in the stadium after a BBC-produced video showed her being flown there in a helicopter with “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig.

The opening ceremony also featured the history of British music with some of the most memorable songs and music videos and clips shown on stage and on the screen.

For replay videos and other information about the London Olympics, several major websites have put up special pages for it.

Watch videos on this page on YouTube and this one on Facebook.

The hashtag #OpeningCeremony is the top trending topic on Twitter as of this posting. Netizens from around the world are posting updates, observations, commentaries and just about anything on the historic event.

Live reporting is also being done on this BBC webpage where you can find tweets and real-time blog updates.

Stunning highlights and aerial photos of the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony like the ones in the screenshot below can be viewed on Huff Post Entertainment.