Manny Pacquiao Hangout - Pacman's Social Media, Gaming and Entertainment Website

Manny Pacquiao Hangout, a new website where fans of the Filipino boxing icon can interact, download and play games, and get entertained, is set to launch on Thursday, June 7, 2012, prior to his June 9 fight.


Pacquiao, Livegambler Intertainment, and MatchMove Games Corporation joined forces to make Manny Pacquiao Hangout, the Official online social media, gaming and virtual entertainment site of the boxing legend, possible.

“With this game platform, I will be able to convey my true message, which is to give back to the fans that are supportive of our many important causes, and to build an online community where anyone, regardless of personal background or choice, can come and have some fun. I am really looking forward to playing and interacting and hanging out with my fans from around the world, at one easy to find online destination,” Manny said in a statement.

After initial launch, Matchmove says the site’s content, games, prizes, tournaments and videos will be regularly updated.